Tournament Gen 9 Random Doubles Open - HaunterBoy28 Wins!

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(and then Chains of Markov pointed out that 2 people signed up in the signups thread after I made the original subs list and I didn't notice! So....

Subs are in the following order:
  1. patos
  2. Winnie1906
  3. teresbahji
  4. HoopsspooH
  5. FormulaForDeath
  6. bage1
  7. TeamCharm
  8. mochiman
  9. Yes or no my dude
  10. ajhockeystar
  11. Tyranirdelava
  12. Castanho
This means the new matchups ARE:

Poipole is so cute vs patos
Winnie1906 vs SoapierMage5794
teresbahji vs Castanho
GirthQuake vs HoopsspooH
Ev_Evan vs FormulaForDeath
SpaceSpeakers vs bage1
TeamCharm vs Jordy004
mochiman vs Daki
Yes or no my dude vs Wait2Seconds (rigged)
ajhockeystar vs Haruno (also hella rigged)
Tyranirdelava vs Alexander IV

Your deadline is still Sunday with everyone else, but we'll be liberal with extensions where they are needed, just ideally get them done this weekend if you can! GLHF
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I was contacted via pm by tronus, 9pm -3 Friday.
Activity, we were doing 9 or 10pm their time, it's 40 minutes past 10 now and they have not responded. Waited 20 for contact (my bad, forgot to actually write a message, so I said something and waited an extra 20)
calling act; I listed multiple times I could play on nap00's wall but they only gave me their timezone and refused to specify a scheduled time to play
Calling act, opponent has not responded to scheduling attempt. Also hasn't been online since creating account one week ago.
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